Duration: 61′

The film “I woke up 18” presents, through the stories of its six young protagonists, the difficulties that unaccompanied children have to face as soon as they turn 18. According to the data of the Special Secretariat for Unaccompanied Minors , in 2022 the estimated number of unaccompanied children in Greece amounted to 2,224. Greece takes care of them by offering housing in appropriate hospitality structures, psychosocial and legal support and access to education. When children “turn 18”, however, regardless of their legal status, they are called to transition to independent adult life, suddenly losing care, security and a supportive framework. Thus, their previous integration efforts are negated and children are often denied access to fundamental human rights, such as health, work and education.

The film was produced by Solidarity now under the framework of the European project UACFutures | “Building Futures, Sharing Good Practice: Migrant Children’s Transition to Adulthood-UACFutures”.