Duration: 66’

In the episode of the ERT documentary series “Paraskinio” (Backstage)  dedicated to Nikos Koundouros’ film “The Ogre of Athens” (1956), N. Koundouros remembers how the idea for the film began, the discussions with Iakovos Campanellis, the participation of Iliopoulos, who never loved and believed in this film fearing it would ruin his career, but Koundouros managed to get some great acting moments out of him. They also talk about the excellent performances of Margarita Papageorgiou, Yiannis Argyris and Thanasis Veggos.

They discuss the production, the difficulties, the dubbing as a choice by Koundouros, and single out the scenes of the interrogation at the police station, the celebration at the cabaret before the operation and Iliopoulos’ sleazy last dance, as indicative of some of the reasons this film has included in the 100 best European films of all time.