Duration: 105′

A journey through the recent history and the people of Cyprus is carried out in “Our Wall” by two “enemies”: the Greek Cypriot Panikkos Chrysanthou and the Turkish Cypriot Niyazi Kizilyurek. Their journey is a dialogue, acting as a bitter meditation on the experience of conflict and separation. It recalls visual documents and lets people, whose lives have been passed over by history like a roadster, share their experience with the viewer. They are Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, separated in a divided Cyprus, but united in the same pain.

The two collaborators said in their joint announcement at the first screening of the film: “Our decision to make a film together was an attempt to start a dialogue between us. To exchange memories, to listen without prejudice to each other, to feel the pain. But it was also something more: We believed that if we wanted to be honest with ourselves and with each other, if we really wanted to cultivate trust between us, we should touch our wounds, admit our mistakes and “sins” us. And we tried.”