Duration: 27′

In the Eastern Aegean between Ikaria and Samos there is a small island. Thymaina. It’s morning and like every day the high school kids leave with “Spyridoula”, the boat of Captain Lefteris for Fournous. Sweet voices can be heard from the open door of the elementary school from the three pupils and their teacher. In the plain, in the improvised workshop of Mastroyorgos, the men of the island gather to find solutions with patents to technical issues but also to chat and socialize. Following the difficult uphill, Mrs  Grammatiki distributes the breads for the memorial service to the houses. In the sheltered bay of Keramidos, where small boats find shelter, Mr. George, who came here from Samos, finds peace and inner peace in his caravan. In the evenings, when the summer season is over, the island’s two coffee shops take turns grilling souvlaki once a week, and the whole island gathers there. Often George with his son, Stelios and his grandfather Aristides, go hunting, more to enjoy the mountain. Although Thymaina is a small dot of land on the map of the Aegean, it has its own special color and rhythm.