Duration: 20′

Kalavryta was a free, highly developed town for its time with a philharmonic, cinema and intense social life. It is still a symbolic part of the start of the Greek revolution of 1821. On December 13, 1943, Adolf Hitler completely destroyed it. Guernica-Luno was a town that since the Middle Ages was a symbol of laws and freedoms, which in April 1937 was completely destroyed. In both cases, the civilian population was exterminated. Two historic, free cities that the war tried to destroy. But they did him no favors, their tears became the pillars of freedom to this day and it is a miracle that they still exist to this day. In Guernica, children and women were lost whose cries reached Picasso and he made the famous “Guernica”. In Kalavryta, men aged 13 and over were executed in the most gruesome manner, giving a free shot to human existence.