Directed by T. Kabras-T. Grigoriadou

The Samiian state  (From the series DEMOCRACY IS CALLED)

Greek Doc, Screening: September 17th, Town Hall

Duration: 67′

The peculiarity of the regime of Samos contributed to the development of institutions different from the other islands of the Aegean, which had remained outside the borders of the Greek state. The non-inclusion, in 1830, of the island in the newly formed Greek state, resulted in the establishment of the “Samiian State”, which had its own flag and complete internal autonomy, with recognition of the Greek origin, language and religion of the inhabitants, while it was under the guarantee and protection of the European powers. The turbulent period 1881-1912 was followed by the rise of Themistocles Sofoulis to the political scene, the end of Ottoman rule and the union with Greece, which was sealed by the sinking, in March 1913, of the Greek fleet on the island.