Duration: 22′

A dyer waits for a customer in the Town Hall Square from morning to night. The “Waiting” is the second short film by Kostas Sfikas, on the same theme as the « Inauguration», that of the harsh everyday life. With the dominance of the elements of the documentary,Sfikas records a tragedy that takes place every day in the setting of the square. The tragedy of the builders who go every morning to sell their work – themselves according to Sfikas – and find work at the building constructions. In the center of the frame appears a gigantic builder who from a distance looks like a majestic figure of a man, but when the camera approaches him, it reveals him to us in a state of disrepair. He died the following year and was buried with a fundraiser. If  Sfikas’ideological gaze still remains in its social contexts and in the lessons of neorealism, what in “Waiting” foreshadows, even slightly, the director’s subsequent problematic on the cinematic form, are the long shots.

(Yiannis Soldatos, History of Greek Cinema)